Based in Cardiff, South Wales, we pride ourselves on our friendly and enthusiastic approach to photography.

We passionately enjoy taking photographs. Whether portraits, weddings, corporate headshots, product merchandise, events or sports photography; a really diverse mixture of photography styles each requiring a different approach and demanding a variety of skills and techniques.

Our portrait sessions are taken at our very own studio or out on location in a calm, relaxed and comfortable way. Our weddings are equally as relaxed and we pride ourselves on our unobtrusive style and being able to blend in to the background. However, we’re perfectly happy to step up and take the lead, if required, to ensure that we capture the photographs you want. Sports photography on the other hand requires a uniquely different approach, it’s usually all about having an eagle-eye on whats going on and anticipating when to take a dozen or so photographs in the space of a few seconds, through our extraordinarily long lenses, to ensure we don’t miss the defining moments of the event.

For more information, or if you wish to arrange a no obligation consultation, contact us by e-mail or telephone 07590 722866.